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toilet cleaner

Eco-friendly, Natural Bathroom Cleaners

We understand the importance of cleaning without using harmful chemicals, which is why we take extra care in providing you with the best all-natural bathroom cleaners. Whether you are looking for organic tile cleaner, plant-based stain cleaner, or natural toilet cleaning liquids, Ekam has the perfect solution for each of your concerns.
Our priorities are the well-being of your loved ones along with being eco-friendly. Our cleaners are especially safe for kids and pets who are more susceptible to harmful chemicals found in traditional cleaning liquids.
We have spent thousands of hours of research to bring you the most effective combination of natural ingredients for bathroom cleaning. With our all-natural bathroom cleaners, you can say goodbye to harsh chemicals and welcome a healthier, eco-friendly way to keep your washrooms or bathrooms clean and fresh.
Make the switch to Zerodor Care natural bathroom cleaners and experience the difference yourself. 

Free Shipping for orders above INR 1,000/-    I    Priority shipping on all prepaid orders

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