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kitchen cleaning products

Natural Kitchen Cleaning Products

Natural in every sense, here is a complete set of plant based organic kitchen cleaning products made for environmentally conscious buyers. Ekam Eco has taken into account all the specific cleaning needs that can arise in the kitchen department.
Ranging from dish wash liquid to hand wash liquid, multi purpose cleaner to drain cleaner liquid. The products are also available as a kit to make it more hassle-free to pick! Remember that every time you shop for a product from our site, you are saying no to chemicals.


Free Shipping for orders above INR 1,000/-    I    Priority shipping on all prepaid orders

    When it comes to Kitchen cleaning and kitchen cleaning products used in common household kitchens, we have been using conventional cleaners which are widely and heavily advertised.  These cleaners are generally made with chemicals and toxic substances. Cleaning kitchen utensils, surfaces and floors with these chemical cleaners makes you vulnerable to long term health adversities. As kitchen is considered a very sacred place which directly influences the well being of your family, it is safer to use natural kitchen cleaning products that are made from organic, green and natural ingredients. 

    Zerodor CARE provides a complete range of natural kitchen cleaning products like natural dishwash liquid, natural multipurpose surface cleaner and natural floor cleaner which can be used to completely clean, shine and disinfect your kitchen. They are made with organic plant based ingredients and bio enzymes that are 100 % safe to be used on any utensil, surface or floor without any fear of health complications.

    Along with being safe for humans, these organic and plant based kitchen cleaning products are environment friendly. Switch now to a more sustainable lifestyle with Zerodor CARE natural kitchen cleaning liquids.

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