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What do you mean by an all-natural cleaner?

Average household cleaners today have about 62 harmful chemicals like Paraben, Phosphates or Chlorides. A lot of them come from multipurpose cleaners.

CARE all-natural cleaners, on the other hand, use natural ingredients like orange peel extract & vinegar. It leaves a mild and pleasant fragrance after use. The formula is free from all harmful chemicals & toxins. It is pH-neutral, which means that it is gentle on your skin as well as the surface on which you use it.


I’m not sure if I should really switch.

We know, it can be hard to change a habit. But as they say, if you do something 21 days in a row, you develop a habit. We suggest you start with the Starter kit and try it for a month. If you like how you feel, you can always come back for more 🙂

How’s CARE cleaner safe for my kid?

Chemicals used in regular cleaners can cause skin irritation and even throat and lung problems when inhaled in large amounts. By choosing CARE cleaners, you are building a chemical-free and a CARE-ing home for your loved ones. Don’t worry about your little champion or angel catching any germs or skin irritants. After all, the floor and the home at large, is a child’s first playground.

Why do CARE products cost more than the chemical cleaner I’m using now?

If you look at it, chemical cleaners pollute our water bodies – a cost that doesn’t feature on their labels and a cost that you’re not paying for, right now. In CARE cleaners, on the other hand, we have taken care to ensure that we make biological enzymes that do the same work as the chemicals in your cleaner but don’t pollute our water bodies. The way we see it, this extra cost is the cost that we are lifting off of our Mother Earth and bearing it ourselves to keep the planet clean.

Not to mention, all the research that goes into identifying natural solutions that work as you’ll like them. All of that work has been done for chemical-based cleaners. Another fact of the matter is that chemical cleaners are made by large multi-national companies, in large factories, where you can achieve the word that every manager loves – Economies of Scale. Natural cleaners, including CARE, are made in much smaller batches and cost of producing one such batch is usually high.

If you still feel you will like a better deal, take a look at the cleaning kits we have made for you. We incur less cost in shipping and selling cleaning kits vs individual cleaners, and we can pass on those benefits to you.

How can I track my Shipment?

You can drop us a message on Facebook and we’ll update you on your order status, often within minutes. We are working to set up a robust tracking system that can work more seamlessly than this. Until then, we hope you’ll enjoy talking to us while we get the products to your doorstep.

What parts of India do you ship to?

We ship all across India through our network of shipping partners, including Shadowfax, Shiprocket, TrackOn, First Flight and many more. It takes more time to deliver to some places than others (understandably enough), but there is no place in this wonderful country of ours that we don’t ship to 🙂


There’s an issue with my shipment. What do I do?

We try to make sure that you receive the products exactly like you ordered them. However, we aren’t perfect and there can be errors. In a few cases, we have heard from customers who received leaking bottles. We almost immediately replace those. Simply drop us a message on Facebook with an image and your replacement order will be on its way before the sun sets.

How’s CARE cleaner safe for my pet?

What irritates the furry members in our family are substances like Chlorine and Ammonia, which is easily found in most of the toxic-cleaners in the market. Our products have none of it.

CARE cleaners are formulated using ORGANIC (non-synthetic), biodegradable solutions, good bacteria (similar to the one you have in curd) bio-enzymes and plant extracts 🙂

These ingredients are tested for toxicity, pulmonary, skin and ingestion safety.

Can CARE Cleaners kill coronavirus?

We don’t have medical studies to prove that the cleaners kill viruses so we’ll stop shy of claiming that the products can kill the virus, particularly the SARS COV-2.

What we can assure you though is that these products work exactly like soap works on your hands. You could say that with CARE cleaners, the home is as safe as your hands after a soap wash.

Here’s how it works. Any virus, including the coronavirus, is formed by some chains of proteins encompassed in a coating of fat (something similar to the samosa formation, the vegetables inside are chains of protein and the coating of samosa is a layer of fatty acids).

The ingredients in the soap, or the CARE Cleaners, essentially peel away this encompassing layer of fats from around the protein chain core. Once the chains are exposed they are fragile and tend to disintegrate in the corrosive atmosphere. Thus, the so-called harmful protein which was supposed to modify your body cells is now of no use or no harm (this is the same like if you break the samosa the vegetable mixture disintegrates breaks apart). Such disintegrated material that’s left is washed away by water.

Unlike soap, however, the CARE wash achieves this all with all-natural ingredients 🙂

Why are CARE Cleaners made up of plastic bottles?

We use PET plastic bottles for CARE Cleaners

You see, we couldn’t use a natural material since our cleaners use live organic culture made of bio enzymes and microorganisms. This solution reacts with a natural material like bamboo and over time can possibly eat away the packaging itself.

The only other two materials left in that case are glass and plastic.

Now, glass may seem like a more sustainable option on the surface but we realise that glass has a large ecological footprint primarily because of all the energy it takes to produce and decompose glass, compared to plastic.

To take a step ahead at being eco-friendly, we have now become Plastic Neutral. We partnered with Repurpose global which helps us offset the complete plastic footprint we’re creating. For every CARE bottle we produce, an equal amount of Low-Value Plastic is collected and recycled through this partnership.

This makes Ekam the first plastic neutral line of natural cleaners in India 🙂

What is the difference between homemade Bio-Enzymes and CARE Cleaners?

Many people make their own cleaners at home. It sure costs less than any cleaner you may buy off the shelf.

There are important differences between a bio-enzyme cleaner made at home vs CARE cleaners you see in the video.

  1.  We curate the bacterial cultures on a scientific basis, which means the balance is kept at levels that are proven to work well. Fermenting a bio-enzyme in your home may not give you results with the same level of consistency in every batch.

  2.  In CARE cleaners, instead of using extracted enzymes and adding them to the solutions, we add bacterial spores which reproduce and make enzymes in-situ when you use the cleaner. This increases the shelf life of the product and makes sure that the cleaners work for a longer period when used.

  1.  We also add some specific biodegradable organic surfactants which may or may not be present in homemade Bio-enzyme cleaners. Surfactants are primarily responsible for breaking the complex films of oil and grease to make it more soluble and degradable.

  1. Moreover, preparing bio-enzymatic cleaners is quite a task in itself. It requires you to work with a foul odour, and handling / disposing byproducts. Let’s just say that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you have the time and space and the zeal to do it, it’s quite an exciting experience.

At Ekam, we always encourage people to make their own bio enzyme cleaners if CARE cleaners seem expensive. Whether you buy CARE cleaners or not, the important thing is that you replace the toxic chemicals in your home ?

How long does the Apartment Cleaning Kit last?

We expect the apartment cleaning kit to last anywhere between 30-45 days in a typical 2 BHK/3 BHK home.

To give you an account of the consumption on each use so that you can yourself try to estimate the consumption pattern, it is as follows (this consumption is for home use, not commercial space)-

  • Toilet cleaner (The RESTROOM CARE): 10 ml per pan per usage for deep cleaning

  • Toilet cleaner (The RESTROOM CARE): 5 ml per pan per usage for everyday light cleaning

  • Floor cleaner (The SURFACE CARE) about 7ml per room per mopping cycle (size of room considered is 10X10 ft)

  • Multipurpose cleaner: 35ml – 50 ml to make 500ml ready to use spray with dilution in water.

  • ODO care fresh is ready to use liquid, no dilution so depends on usage the consumption can be found out. One has to spray it on upholstery curtains, mats, carpets etc. not to be sprayed in the air.

What’s the shelf-life of CARE Cleaners?

Here’s the shelf life for all of our products-

  • Drain CARE Kitchen – 2 years.

  • Drain CARE Restroom – 2 years

  • Odo CARE Fresh (Freshener) – 2 years

  • Restroom CARE (Toilet Cleaner) – 1 year

  • Stain CARE (Multi-purpose Cleaner) – 1 year

  • Surface CARE (Floor Cleaner) – 2 years

  • CARE Fruit and Vegetable Wash- 1 year

  • CARE Hand Wash – 1 year (when undiluted in packed condition)

  • CARE Dish Washing Liquid – 1 year


How do CARE Cleaners work?

When you use a CARE product, active bio enzymes clean the stain, malodor, dirt you want gone. The cleaners also have a culture of microorganisms with fruit extracts and vinegars, that create the right environment for more enzymes to grow.

Are CARE Cleaners better than other conventional chemical cleaners?

Better is a very relative term. Ecologically they are much much better, but if I consider a case of say toilet cleaner which is 30% hydrochloric acid and rest are harmful surfactants but are really strong The RESTROOM CARE may lose on performance. But yes for a day to day cleaning RESTROOM CARE functions well.

Same will be the comparison against floor cleaners. The commercial low-cost cleaners carry strong solvents which have high VOC content and can show some instant results but have harmed your lungs and skin for a long term effect.

Further to all the bacterial/enzymatic products are long term active ingredient cleaners while synthetic chemical-based cleaners are one-time action products on dirt. But in the lifecycle of the products the synthetic products create bioaccumulation and harm to the environment while the ZERODOR CARE products don’t harm rather help to heal the sanitation systems.

Now oneself is a better judge of what is better and what is harmful.

I have more questions.

Drop us a message on Facebook. It’s the fastest way for us to be in touch with one another, guess you’d agree. See you on the other side 🙂

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