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Introducing our non-toxic Air Freshener, the organic air spray solution brought to you by Zerodor Care from the house of Ekam Eco Solutions, a pioneer in sustainable sanitation solutions in India.

Carefully crafted by environmental scientists and tested in homes by parents and our own team, Zerodor CARE is the ultimate natural deodorizer for your home, car, and other indoor spaces. Experience a stress-free cleaning journey as it effortlessly refreshes all restroom surfaces.

Ekam air freshener is a versatile and effective organic room freshener spray that works for home interiors, restrooms, public spaces, laundry & locker rooms and fitness facilities. Want to know where to spray perfume in the car? Our freshener is perfect for car seats, upholstery, and other surfaces making it an ideal car natural air freshener spray.


Embrace the power of nature with our non-toxic air freshener. Free from harmful chemicals like Paraben, phosphates, Chlorine, Bleach, Petroleum solvents, or Synthetic Fragrances, ekam room freshener utilizes active enzymes and non-toxic micro-organisms. Unlike synthetic perfumes, our natural deodorizer and freshener for couches and various surfaces targets the source of foul smells, breaking them down into odorless compounds for a refreshing atmosphere.

Made in India, our eco-friendly air freshener spray ensures a safe environment even in the presence of babies, kids, or pets. Bid farewell to dog and cat odors within seconds of application, as Zerodor CARE room freshener leaves your spaces smelling delightful.

Choose our organic air spray and make your surroundings ONE WITH EARTH, creating a healthier, more inviting atmosphere while staying true to sustainability.

Zerodor CARE Natural Room and Car Freshener | 400 ml

₹249.00 Regular Price
₹209.00Sale Price
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