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Switch Now To Eco-Friendly Products! Watch Your Carbon Footprints!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Gift a greener planet to your forthcoming generations…

Time to visualize…

Picture a world where everyone is living in tranquillity and peace.

There is no dearth of any resources.

Nature is bounteously providing all that is needed for healthy living.

Everyone existing in total bliss.

Trees are not blindly cut anymore, rather planted.

We are all conscious about not creating a carbon footprint, using eco friendly products is the only thing we know to buy!

Factories do not run out their wastes in rivers, and freeing smoke in the air, use more eco friendly technology instead.

For humans, caring for nature is a way of life!

eco friendly products
Greener planet

Do you think it is possible to work towards building such a world?

The damage that human activities have caused to the environment is irreparable. To name a few:

  • Destruction of natural habitat

  • Extinction of innocent wildlife

  • Consumption of tonnes of plastic by a sea creature

  • Mindless eradication of forest

  • Rivers full of wastes

  • Ozone layer depleted

The consequences we are facing today show in the form of global warming. Diseases are rife, abnormal climate change, deterioration in overall quality of health, low state of mind, the constant need for motivation, anxieties, uncertainties, lack of contentment, sadness… Something must be wrong at the root. We are heading to a zone of no return! We are what we surround ourselves with. Furthermore, we are what we breathe. Besides, we are what we eat!

Is this not nature retaliating?

The realization is important, but what's even more important is the action we take to fix things.

Let bygones be bygones!

Small steps lead to big change. Read through some easy-to-follow steps because we do not want our coming generations to be bereft of nature’s goodness!

Some organizations run on the value system, which is all about nature. They believe in actions and implement the ideas that can save the environment. Ekam eco is one such organization. They look at the larger picture, namely:

  1. Taking care that our regular life habits do not damage the environment even indirectly. They are into manufacturing natural ingredient-based products, waterless urinals to ensure less use of water, help with waste management, etc.

  2. Creating mass awareness about the need to realize and adopt eco-friendly ways of living. This is done by actively propagating the message of protecting the environment in social media.

  3. Helping families to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle and switching from a regular chemical-based product to an environmentally safe one.

The slogan reduce reuse and recycle needs to be brought into every aspect of our living

Now, the measures we can take at an individual level:


1. Mind your carbon footprint:

The burning of natural fuel, such as coal or gas, increases the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. High Co2 levels add to the global warming phenomenon. Carbon footprint is a measure of that impact. Eco-friendly people need to measure their carbon footprint to reduce their contribution to global warming.

2. Watch out for Harmful Algal Bloom:

When simple algae grow out of control, toxic or harmful effects are seen on fauna. The human activities that contribute to this are:

  • Run-off from agriculture

  • Dissolved chemicals introduced into water supplies via rainfall or irrigation,

  • Wastewater from sewage treatment plants

These nutrients are food for algae.

3. Here are some more ideas to reduce the harm we cause to nature

  • Refill a water bottle with water from home instead of buying a new one.

  • Pool car rather than taking many for the same workplace

  • Say NO to plastic bags and carry reusable, environmentally-friendly bags

  • Use bucket for a bath instead of shower

  • Go for waterless urinals

  • Save water wherever possible

  • Use eco friendly products instead of chemical ones


Some practical ways of reusing are:

  • Use glass bottles instead of plastic pouches

  • Use steel boxes to store food

  • Use water in plants after washing vegetables

  • Use newspaper for wrapping gifts instead of buying gift wraps


What can be recycled should be recycled

Paper including newspapers, magazines, and mixed paper.


Glass bottles and jars

Rigid plastic products

Metal containers, including tin, aluminum, and steel cans.

Food waste/kitchen waste for composting.

Science is regularly making advances. Breakthrough is green building material. It is a much-required innovation in modern-day construction. It gives hope around saving an otherwise fast depleting non-renewable resource from the planet. Bamboo, cork, precast concrete, straw bales, recycled plastic, reclaimed wood, etc.

With so much scope and possibilities we still have, we can keep the environment pure and green for centuries to come! Here is to a shift towards a greener world together!

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