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Eco-Friendly Decoration for Ganpati at Home

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

The tough times have taught us that we need to keep the environment first! Going forward, we will survive only if we take the best care of the environment! In my last blog, I talked about Eco-friendly Ganesha idol, this blog I will emphasize the need for Eco-friendly decoration for Ganpati at home. We all understand the importance of going green, but it would be so nice to see all of us implementing the changes in our day-to-day living too. Just hoping for the best! Read through to know why it is important to switch to eco-friendly ways to save our planet.

Eco-Friendly decoration for Ganpati
Eco-Friendly decoration for Ganpati

Eco-friendly decoration for Ganpati at home: 5 imperative reasons!

  1. Less pollution: Components like glitters, metals, Plaster of Paris, plastic, fake flowers, chemical powder for rangoli, and more, all of which ultimately lead to the mixing of pollutants in the atmosphere. When we understand, why don't we avoid it?

  2. Low cost: There is no limit to money which gets wasted in buying all the fancy items for decoration, and then we end up immersing them in rivers and land, adding to the already existing pollution. Save money, Save nature

  3. Saves non-renewable resources: Instead of regular lighting, if led lighting or solar lamps are in use, they save electricity consumption as well. Earthen diyas are good for nature and beautify the whole area as well!

  4. Family bonding: Kids feel a different level of excitement when they are involved in such festive activities. They feel important and there is no limit to the innovative ideas they can come up with when it comes to decorating a home in an environmentally friendly way. When every member of the family remains glued to their respective devices, it is a good reason, families can spend quality time together and create memories forever!

  5. Ganesha loves simplicity and everything earthy: Lord Ganesha does not like so much fanciness. He never asked for all the glittery and glinting stuff in the first place! Go simple, go green! Protect and preserve what he created for us, respecting nature is the noblest deed!

If it is not the first time you have come across the above reasons, reading it shall just reinforce the motivation to go green! That's the purpose here!

Now about some tips on Eco-friendly decoration for Ganpati at home:

  • Make a list of all the items which can be naturally decomposed. Some of these I can think of at this moment are bamboo, jute, cane, cork, colored strings, hay, and jute ropes. These can be used to decorate and build the temple of the throne on which you will place the Ganesha idol. Pillars of the temple can be made using banana leaves and stems of the bamboo plants. All of it is biodegradable!

  • Using colors that are made from natural things can be used to apply paint on dried twigs, leaves, small rounded pebbles, kids’ previous year's rough books, old newspaper, and anything and everything you can think of!

  • Everybody can be creative, It's not only confined to artists. Origami flowers are good ideas. Natural real flowers will do wonders too. Maybe a mix of them both!

  • A small garden can be created which can be maintained later too, bonsai plants can be brought home, or if already there can be used in the prayer area.

  • Every home has many dupattas of multiple colors. Make use of them to do the backdrop of the temple! Use the beads already there at home and keep it back after the ceremony.

  • Coconut shells can be used as diyas, and can be painted with turmeric to make them look bright.

  • Cane baskets can be used to keep the items for pooja instead of poly bags

  • A bowl of plates made of the leaf should replace plastic disposable ones for handing over the prasad. And liquid in earthen cups or kulchas

  • For making rangoli use geru (earth soil), turmeric, rice powder, and henna.

  • For maintaining hygiene, go for natural home cleaning products

  • Segregate the waste and discard it responsibly. Collected organic materials like flowers and leaves can be used to make compost.

Where there is a will, there is a way. I urge you all and request from the bottom of my heart. We have made so many changes in our lives to suit someone or the other. Just one initiative is needed, that too for a noble cause: this year onwards only Eco-friendly decoration for Ganpati at home!

I would love to hear from all my readers here about what different things they did this year to get one step closer to saving the environment. One person’s idea can be followed by others, and together we can spread green waves in this whole world!

Before I sign off, a note of caution for all the devotees, please continue to maintain distance, gatherings can be risky. COVID-19 is not over yet. Please take precautions!

May Lord Ganesha keep us all safe!

Wish everyone a prosperous Ganesh Chaturthi in advance!

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