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5 Great Reasons to Go For Eco Friendly Ganesha Idol!

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

As Ganesh Chaturthi is approaching and the fervor of festivities is all around. The only thing which we are considering in our home is that from this year onwards we will be bringing Eco friendly Ganesha idol home. The tough times of COVID-19 have been an eye-opener. We have woken up to the ambiguity of human development at the cost of the damage caused to the environment.

Eco Friendly Ganesha Idol
Eco Friendly Ganesha Idol

Suddenly, last year the world changed for all of us, we all got into the overnight wreck, the deadly virus leads to. We had no option but to be confined in our homes, in order to be safe, and stop the virus from spreading. We all thought it’s just a matter of a few days, but we now know that we have to bear with it in the coming years' tool. The reference to the monster virus is significant here, as it made us all realize one thing, that we have been causing so much harm to nature by being so mindless about our ways!

When people were completely off the environment, the latter slowly returned to its fundamental course. Some proofs from various news sources are below:

  1. Improvement in air quality

  2. Dolphins spotted near Kolkata ghats

  3. The number of Flamingos migrating to Mumbai increased

  4. Ganga became fit for drinking in Haridwar

  5. A Nilgai got all eyes on it when was walking precariously on Noida roads

  6. People of Jalandhar and Saharanpur woke up to the snow-capped Himalayan range visible to the naked eye!

  7. The Yamuna river for the first time breathed life, water finally appeared clear.

Isn’t the writing clearly on the wall? All this evidence is indicating how much nature has been tampered with by human activities!

The damage mankind has caused to mother nature since time immemorial is shameful. Not all is still lost, we can let bygones be bygones and take a lesson from nature’s miraculous capacity to heal itself by just being with herself.

As I write, I feel glad to have founded Ekam Eco, an organization devoted to safeguarding nature. We believe that we should be one with nature. In our endeavor to save the environment from the harmful hazards of chemicals, we have developed eco-friendly products made out of natural ingredients.

Well, that talk later, coming back to the main purpose of writing this article.

I urge all my fellow Indians to go green now, check eco friendly Ganesh idol online or offline, as there cannot be a more auspicious occasion than the Ganesh Chaturthi!

Since the beginning of times, we in our culture invoke Lord Ganesha when we start a new chapter of our lives! Let’s mark the start of something new with eco-friendly culture this festival season! As humans have woken up to a large extent to the consciousness of the harm they have caused to nature, it's time to take action. Our whole ritual of immersing the idols in rivers and seas goes heavy on these water bodies. Understanding this, some percentage of the population has switched to eco-friendly idols already! Following are the strong reasons why we should go for eco-friendly Ganesha this year onwards, if already switched, that's good news!

Here are the 5 Great Reasons to go for Eco friendly Ganesha Idol :

  1. Eco-friendly idols do not pollute natural water sources, being biodegradable they get dissolved in water.

  2. Regular idols may have metal content that, when released in water, affects the health of aquatic lives and humans in turn.

  3. Dyes and glitter on POP (Plaster of Paris) idols can harm anyone coming in contact.

  4. Family members can sit together and create the idol, it can be a sculptor-making session!

  5. The immersion is hassle-free and one can avoid going to packed places when the word crowd is a strict NO!

With a hope to help Nature to heal not just during human lockdown but also in the future as time progresses. It feels that Lord Ganesha is smiling as he knows we will protect nature in every way possible!

Irrespective of all the learnings we got, in a harsh way, COVID-19 could not mar the enthusiasm of devotees. The faith in the supreme power will be forever intact. Such is the love and devotion we have for our adorable Lord Ganesha!

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

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