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The Value for Money Kit, we have curated for you is a perfect set of 100% all-natural cleaners that will make sure your home and bathrooms are clean and pristine like they should be. The cleaners are all non-toxic and biodegradable which means that they are safe to use.

The solutions do not use any harmful chemicals like Paraben, phosphates, Chlorine, Bleach, Petroleum solvents or Synthetic Fragrances. Instead, CARE Cleaners use active enzymes and non-toxic micro-organisms which are the most effective ingredients to remove and eliminate stains and odors. These ingredients quickly break down substances like soap scums, soap rings, uric salts, calcium deposits, and organic matter.

Recommended Applications:

CARE Cleaners are highly versatile, powerful cleaners and stain removers. Here are some of the situations you can use these products:


  • Toilet Cleaner: clears soap scums, soap rings, uric salts, calcium deposits, and organic matter from washbasins, taps, showerheads, bathtubs and bathroom floors

  • Multipurpose Cleaner: can wash clothing, linens, curtains and clean countertops mirrors, and any other solid surface

  • Hand Wash: to use after you arrive back home, after using the bathroom or lavatory

  • Floor Cleaner: can be used for cleaning, sanitizing and polishing any hard surface like floor, mirror or granite

Zerodor CARE Value for Money Kit | 4 X 400ml

₹876.00 Regular Price
₹699.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included |
  • 1 × CARE Natural Toilet Cleaner | 400 ml (₹199.00)

    1× CARE Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner | 400 ml  (₹229.00)

    1 × CARE Natural Floor Cleaner | 400 ml (₹199.00)

    1 × CARE Handwash Liquid | 400 ml (₹249.00)

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