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The Benefits of Neem: 3 Miraculous Benefits as a Natural Disinfectant

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Is there any Indian who has not heard of the word Neem? Okay, if not neem, Margosa? Well, that was just to get your attention:)

Commonly known as Neem tree, which is banked upon eras, for having great medicinal properties! Without a second thought about it, we all boast about the benefits of neem and after all, why should we not? It's the best-known natural disinfectant.

Usually, we associate neem with only health benefits for a healthy body, many may not be aware of the goodness, usage of neem brings to the effectiveness of our cleaning routines. That's the reason, in this blog, I am going to talk about the benefits of neem leaves when it comes to home cleaning.

the benefits of neem
Set of Cleaning Things

The Benefits of Neem as a natural disinfectant

  1. Antibacterial: Neem has antibacterial properties and when used in water during mopping or sprayed in homes it kills a lot of bacteria. Neem ensures the disease-causing bacteria is prohibited and helps in the prevention of any bacterial illness.

  2. Antifungal: Sometimes when our houses are closed for a long duration, fungal growth may happen. Spraying Neem extract with a quick brushing of the surface can make the surface sparkling as before.

  3. Antiseptic: Neem has great antiseptic properties, making it a super herb for preventing the growth of disease-causing microorganisms.

Before I proceed, I would share a general perception people have about disinfectants. To the question, what's a disinfectant, the most obvious reply would be, a chemical used for keeping the infection away. This is actually what we all think of when we hear the word ‘disinfectant’, only a chemical liquid comes to our mind, doesn't it? Some of us also do not believe that the absence of chemicals from any given cleaning solutions can actually effectively disinfect.

For records, A disinfectant used for home cleaning can be non-chemical as well! Amazed?

Read through…

Environment-conscious minds always look for home care products that do not have even an iota of chemicals and toxins in them.

An age-old tradition is to boil neem leaves in water and use that water for

Cleaning the surfaces. As a child, I remember my grandmother would make sure the house is washed with neem leaves soaked in the water to get the benefits of neem leaf extract in water. In today's time when everyone is racing against time, it is a very rare practice. There may not even be an awareness about the uses of neem trees!

What are the benefits of neem?

Only being sure that our homes are disinfected is not enough, we also need to be extremely sure about the daily groceries, fruits, and vegetables we purchase these days. Where have they come from, what hands they have been through, and most importantly if they carry any infections or not? Well, no need to worry now, you can opt for an all-natural, safe Fruit and Vegetable wash specially formulated to keep your worries away. It's completely safe, made up of natural extracts of Haldi and neem, leaves a reassuring fragrance after cleaning!

usage of neem
A man cleaning the kitchen counter

Here are some more general benefits of planting a Neem Tree at home:

  • Purifies the air

  • It has curing/medicinal property

  • Source of natural pesticide

  • Keeps oxygen level balanced

  • Leaf of neem can be used on the skin in paste form

I always wonder how much power our negligence gives to these chemically laced home cleaning products.

what is the benefits of neem
Cleaning Supplies

It's high time we make some time to research the ingredients, I like to repeat them, even if I emphasized this in my previous blogs. The toxic chemicals in our household cleaners emit compounds that seriously affect our immune system. On the other hand, when we use products that clean our homes sustainably, everyone wins. Your family, your pets, and pretty much the whole city.

Switch to all-natural cleaning products for the larger good of nature!

I would like to hear from all my readers if they have come across the benefits of neem in their day-to-day life. If yes, we would like to hear from you

So do you have at least one Neem tree in your vicinity or home? NO? What are you waiting for, plant one today, and spread the word to your friends too!

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