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Making the Switch: Conventional to Natural Dishwashing Liquid

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

zerodor care natural and organic dishwashing liquid

In a world flooded with choices of every kind of product, our journey towards a healthy and mindful lifestyle often begins with the many small but impactful decisions we make every day. One such simple decision that is gaining momentum is the adoption of healthy and safe alternatives to chemical household cleaning liquids. Out of those liquids, the one which probably has the most impact on our health is dishwashing liquids. This blog explores the harms of conventional chemical dishwashing liquids and the reasoning for adopting safe and natural alternatives.

Chemical Dishwashing Liquids

chemical dishwashing liquid

Conventional dishwashing liquids are made with a cocktail of synthetic chemicals which are often times potential risks for both our health and environment. These chemical dishwashing liquids typically contain sulfates which contribute to the creation of harsh detergents and parabens commonly used as preservatives. Additionally, the use of phthalates, responsible for enhancing fragrance adds up to the chemical concoction.

The cumulative effect of these chemicals can lead to short-term skin irritations to long long-term health complications. These impacts are more pronounced for people with sensitive skin. Moreover, when these chemical substances find their way into the water systems, they can pose additional threats to the earth impacting other organisms, soil, and water. These chemical persists in the environment for a long time and are difficult to degrade causing long-term degradation of ecosystems.

Due to these concerns, many individuals and families are actively seeking alternatives that are non toxic and align with their values. If you are also someone looking to shift to a safer choice of dishwashing liquids, this blog is for you. The simple and best way to adopt natural cleaning of your dishes is to make your own homemade dishwashing liquids.

Below are some of the most popular homemade dishwashing liquid remedies you can try.

Natural Dishwashing liquids recipes for a safer home

  • Lemon and Salt power

lemon and salt homemade dishwashing liquid


2 cups hot water

2 tablespoons coarse salt

3 tablespoons lemon juice

10 drops essential oil (optional)


Combine hot water and salt, stirring until the salt dissolves. Add lemon juice and essential oil (if using), mixing thoroughly. Allow the mixture to cool before transferring it to a bottle. The natural acidity of lemon helps cut through grease, making this homemade dishwashing liquid an effective cleaner.

  • Citrus Peel Dishwashing liquid

citrus peel and vinegar natural homemade dishwashing liquid


Citrus peels (e.g., oranges, lemons, or limes)

White vinegar

Airtight glass jar


Fill a glass jar with citrus peels and cover them with white vinegar. Seal the jar and let it sit in a cool, dark place for at least two weeks, allowing the citrus oils to infuse into the vinegar. After the infusion period, strain out the peels, and the citrus-infused vinegar becomes a potent base for your homemade dishwashing liquid. Dilute with water as needed and store in a convenient bottle.

Remember to shake these homemade solutions before use and adjust the ratios to suit your preferences. These recipes not only provide effective cleaning but also allow you to customize scents and avoid the harsh chemicals often found in commercial dishwashing liquids.

What if you want a safe and healthy dishwashing liquid delivered to you?

zerodor care natural dishwashing liquid

Introducing, Zerodor Care Natural Dishwashing liquid by Ekam Eco Solutions. Unlike conventional options, this chemical-free alternative relies on natural fruit and plant-based extracts, along with selective enzymes, to cut through stains and odors effectively. Designed for ease of use, it suits various kitchenware and can even be used in dishwashers. The Zerodor CARE formula not only prioritizes your home's cleanliness but extends its care to your family's well-being and the planet's health. Developed by environmental scientists and tested in homes, Zerodor CARE offers a no-frills, effective approach to dishwashing that aligns with your commitment to a cleaner, greener lifestyle.

As we wrap up, let's remember that choosing a dishwashing liquid might not be the headline of our daily decisions, but it matters. Conventional ones, loaded with chemicals, have their downsides, pushing us towards more natural options. The blog dished out some easy DIY recipes—simple and customizable. If you're leaning towards hassle-free, Zerodor CARE Natural Dishwashing Liquid is a solid pick. Whether you go homemade or opt for trusted brands like Zerodor CARE, every small decision nudges us towards a cleaner, greener lifestyle that's good for your home, your family, and the big blue planet we all call home.

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