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What is the Best dish-wash liquid for hard water at home?

A vast majority of us have this concern running in the back of the mind, yes, even if it is related to a thing as innocuous as a dish wash liquid! Another reality to add to our worry is the type of water which is available to us, particularly when it is hard water!

We often hear people complaining about what ill effects they face because they have a hard water supply. In the next few lines, I am going to explain a bit about what hard water is and why it is so important to know how it causes obstacles and challenges.

In simple words, Hard water is water that has high mineral content. When water trickles through the deposits of limestone, chalk, or gypsum which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates, and sulfates, it becomes hard.

So, what’s the problem with hard water, which makes the best of the dish wash liquid fail?

Best dish-wash liquid
Sink full of dishes

Do you know why hard water poses a difficulty in cleaning utensils, no matter how strong the dish wash liquid is?

Some facts related to the issues which hard water leads to when it comes to utensils:

  • Hard water is full of calcium and magnesium, salts, and minerals.

  • The presence of these makes the water unfit for cleaning utensils.

  • Hard water is also responsible for leaving white residue on your dishes and silverware.

  • The mineral deposits on internal surfaces inside your dishwasher may lead to rusting and make the utensil useless in the long run.

  • Health damage may occur in the form of unnecessary chemicals reaching our system that can cause well-being issues.

People who live in localities where they get hard water can relate to the problems which can be faced if they do not have a good dish-wash liquid for utensils.

Many of us are always searching for the best dish wash liquid for hard water at home. For that matter, the entire range of home care products.

In this blog, I am bringing forth some handy points to keep in mind before selecting a good dish wash liquid for hard water at home. What is the way to be sure that our product works effectively?

A natural plan or reaction that may pop up in our minds, in order to tackle the hard water-related issues, is to go for a very popular dish wash to have effective cleaning. Some of us also like to try some age-old tricks to defeat the challenges posed by hard water when working with a dish wash liquid

We barely research and check the ingredients present in the product, as we simply trust. Let me also share that most of the products do not even mention the harmful chemicals they might be using on the labels. That actually should be a trigger for us to probe more! Isn't it?

My ideology before choosing a particular product is to educate myself first. Hold the temptation to buy what everyone else is buying! Hold on when such a thought comes to your mind. A product may become popular with great advertising, it still may not have the correct ingredients it claims. Searching for the best dish wash liquid in India may not be that helpful, knowing the ingredients that go in them will be!

Does something tell you that chemicals are the only solution when hardcore cleaning is the need? Time to know some facts! Please read through:

Go on to read why natural dish wash liquid is good for your utensils, irrespective of the type of water! Watch out for harmful chemicals

  • The health factor: it may take some time to digest the fact that something as regular as a dish wash liquid can cause any health issue! Well, the regular ones can, as they have ingredients like surfactants, preservatives, fragrances, colors as well as active or inactive ingredients. The most harmful ones are carcinogens and Formaldehyde: The poisonous chemical can be found in your dish wash liquid in the form of methanol, methyl aldehyde, and methylene oxide. A carcinogen is used in liquid soaps along with preservatives to eliminate bacteria but, in reality, kills good bacteria in the environment too.

  • Environment Factor: We cannot close our eyes to the fact that the chemicals in dish wash liquids do not limit their ill effects to homes, but also poison the environment. The suds after getting rinsed go down the waterways to ultimately harm the aquatic life. Methylchloroisothiazolinone is toxic to aquatic life and harms ecosystems, sodium polyacrylamide pollutes local water and poisons living beings, and chlorine is a well-known aquatic toxin.

  • Cruelty to animals: After all, who goes to check whether the regular dish wash was actually not tested on animals? An authentically natural dish wash liquid is free from petrochemicals and is made with ingredients that do not need to be tested on animals as they are non-toxic.

  • Kids and pets safety: kids and pets are so susceptible that they need to be specially protected from any exposure to chemicals. Natural ingredients in the dish were liquid, making sure nothing wrong reached the stomach of our innocent young ones. Chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), affect many body systems (including the reproductive and nervous systems, and may cause cancer. Benzisothiazolinone, irritates and damages skin. Dipropylene glycol, may lead to cancer, damage DNA, affect various bodily systems (respiratory, digestive, nervous, endocrine, and reproductive systems), irritate or damaged skin, and harm vision. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, which troubles the digestive system.

Organic dish wash liquid and eco-friendly dish wash liquid again have a difference. Organic products are made using everything natural, and eco-friendly products use everything that does not cause any harm to the environment! So, let's not get confused! Switch to natural products to make it easy for the environment to breathe

We may get perplexed as we are in an ocean of me-too products and do not exactly know what works best. So, here is your guide to choosing the best dish wash liquid for hard water at home:

  • Read the Description for ingredients: Unlike other options that you come across in the market, that use toxic chemicals to kill stains and germs, your dish Wash Liquid should use natural fruit & plant-based extracts and selective enzymes to remove and eliminate stains and odors.

  • Check for the Recommended Applications: It should be able to clean dirty dishes, even hard stains like that of Haldi (Turmeric) or Chilli Paste. It should work on Stainless Steel utensils, Borosil bowls, Glassware as well as Delicate Cookware. Even if you have had food with a strong odor like garlic, onion, or fish, the dishwashing liquid should clean the utensils just fine and leave behind a (mild) fresh lemon fragrance.

  • Read the way to Use: The bottle should have a dispensing lid, which means you can directly use the bottle to pour the liquid when washing. Some products recommend diluting the liquid depending upon the intensity of stains. Check whether it can be used in the dishwasher or not.

  • Know how it works: The enzymes and bacteria used in cleaning solutions directly compete with the stain-causing, and odor-causing organisms for food and starve them. This way, the cleaner removes the dirt, stain, or bad odor from the source. It is one of the few fool-proof ways to prevent conditions that would help the germs or harmful bacteria to breed and grow.

Natural Products also create healthier indoor air in your home since they don’t emit any Volatile Organic Chemicals, unlike conventional cleaners. When you rinse dish wash liquid down the drain, the enzymic solutions continue to act on the organic matter that comes in the way. This means that it reduces the scale build-up in our city drain until it completely disintegrates. This reduces the load on our city’s sewage treatment plants.

You can literally say that you are cleaning the city, not just your utensils when you use Natural dish wash Liquid!

Share your experience about the challenge you face with hard water and which dish wash helps you to tackle that!

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